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Advance your skills between missions

Whether reservists, territorial defense, or neighborhood brigades, you need training now.  Individual soldiers or entire units can download the app and learn basic and advanced skills.

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Smartphone-based learning
  • Our smartphone-based learning app is available for both Apple and Android smartphones and tablets

  • Lessons progress from the basics to more advanced skills

  • Sign up as an individual or a team

  • Complete the lessons that you need

  • Progress at your own pace

  • Training includes images, videos, and quizzes to ensure comprehension and track mastery and progress

Learn skills now

Skills include:

  • Weapons systems such as Javelins and Stingers

  • How to shoot, move, and communicate

  • Spot and correct artillery fire

  • Detain enemy combatants

  • Basic first aid

  • Reporting

  • Drone employment

  • Vehicle recovery

  • Obstacles, checkpoints, hides, OPs

  • Basics of night operations


From team leaders to commanders, track the progress and proficiency of your troops

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